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London Gay Sports 10k

30th July 2000

Results courtesy of Runner's World
1Johnny Wallis1 SMWoodford Gn36:33
2Mark Forrest2 SMLondon Frontrunners36:43
3Richard Jordan1 V40Vegetarian AC37:34
4Owen Phipps1 V50Ilford AC38:30
5Robby Spedding3 SMRunners World38:50
6Martin Clarke2 V40Ilford AC39:02
7Cyrille Rocher4 SMParis Frontrunners39:13
8Peter Hall3 V40unaffiliated39:29
9Colin Cottell4 V40London Frontrunners39:29
10Jim Bolton5 SMLondon Frontrunners39:51
11Kark Nelson5 V40unaffiliated39:58
12Matt Clare6 SMParis Frontrunners40:07
13Victor Wilson2 V50Woodford Gn40:20
14Stian Gram Swensson7 SMParis Frontrunners40:39
15Michael Carter8 SMunattached41:16
16Helen Smethurst1 W35London Frontrunners41:29
17Susham Gupta9 SMunattached42:54
18John Cork6 V40Oddfellows AC43:24
19Clive Walker10 SMLondon Frontrunners44:27
20David Brooks3 V50unattached44:39
21Tim Bird11 SMunattached44:45
22Katharine Reed1 SWLondon Frontrunners44:47
23Leila Brosnan2 SWLondon Frontrunners45:38
24Alison Burt3 SWHackney Womens Harriers46:41
25Jim Atkinson4 V50London Frontrunners46:49
26Michael Warminger7 V40unattached46:53
27Sian Prichard2 V35unattached47:00
28Graham Thomas12 SMunattached47:01
29Peter Whittaker5 V50unattached47:16
30Gail Prylie3 V35Jaffa Ipswich47:58
31Brian McGee13 SMLondon Frontrunners48:14
32Gerard Trill8 V40unattached48:23
33Gwyn Hughes6 V50Pitsea RC48:26
34Dave Ward14 SMLondon Frontrunners49:46
35Colin Tucker9 V40London Frontrunners49:47
36Peter Brown7 V50unattached50:47
37Carol Weald1 W45Pitsea RC51:04
38Wendy Barker4 W35London Frontrunners52:56
39Frank Kelly15 SMLondon Frontrunners53:21
40Hilary Julda Marrinan4 SWLondon Frontrunners53:22
41Chris Birch8 V40unattached53:24
42Felix Zinc5 SWLondon Frontrunners53:33
43Clare Standen6 SWLondon Frontrunners54:18
44Jenny Reay5 W35London Frontrunners54:21
45Judy Burston1 W55Pitsea RC55:27
46C Sillito7 SWunattached55:37
47Vic Rayner8 SWunattached56:47
48Karen Coffey6 W35unattached56:51
49Carla Da Robina9 SWunattached56:56
50Stephanie Gold2 W45unattached58:39
51David Barnett16 SMunattached60:44
52Alan Day8 V50London Frontrunners62:47
53Nicola Boulton10 SWLondon Frontrunners63:03
54Claire Lucas11 SWunattached65:13
55Maggie Jones3 W45unattached82:46
56Muhayman Jamil11 V40London Frontrunnersntt
57Russell Van Dyk12 V40London Frontrunnersntt
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