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5th November 2000

Results courtesy and copyright 2000 of Westmorland Triathletes

The 5th Kendal Duathlon, hosted by Westmorland Triathletes, was held on Sunday 5th November. 90 of the 122 athletes that had entered took part and 84 finished. The athletes who braved the recent bad weather and travelled to Kendal were treated to an excellent day for this race with blue sky, a little sunshine and, for the first time this week, no rain.
The event was a 2 1/2 mile run, 12 mile cycle, 2 1/2 mile run. Local fell runner Mark Roberts led the field after the 1st run but left transition in 4th. On reaching the cycle turnaround, he had to withdraw with a bike problem. Meanwhile, up at the front, a battle was on for the lead and Chris Nicoll, who is a pure cyclist and who was 14th overall in the recent (tougher) Blackburn Duathlon, led the field by over a minute and was never going to be caught. He ran well to finish 1st.
Local female athlete Hilde Krynen dominated the ladies race. She ran a solid 1st run, had an excellent cycle and mixed it with the men on the second run to finish 1st lady and 13th overall.
Prizes were awarded to the 1st-4th men/women, 1st and 2nd male/female veterans and 1st local man/woman and to show that it is really the taking part that counts, both the lady and man who brought up the rear of the field received prizes.

1st Chris Nicholl - Science in Sport RT
2nd Gary Adamson - Asics
3rd Paul Longster - Ambleside AC
4th Duncan Hewitt - Southport CC

1st male vet Kevin Hesketh - Preston Harriers
2nd male vet Derek Johnson - Borough of Kirkless

1st local Lawerence Mannion - UA

1st lady Hilde Krynen - UA 2nd Helen Coburn -UA 3rd Sue Hamblin - UA 4th Jill Holmes - UA
1st lady vet Diane Kitchen - Ilkley Harriers
2nd Lynne Cartwright - UA

1st Local Jayne Bowe - UA
 NumNameRunat end of BikeOverall
136Chris Nicoll13:3449:441:05:08
234Kevin Hesketh13:0852:101:06:36
379Gary Adamson14:2150:331:07:14
465Derek Johnson13:5651:431:07:47
518Lee Langstone14:2152:141:08:24
6105Lawrence Mannion13:4253:401:08:59
786Paul Longster14:0252:071:09:05
811Duncan Hewitt15:4650:441:09:19
95Chris Diggle14:4351:551:09:40
106Steve Fleetwood13:5653:071:09:41
11114Chris Dixon14:1553:141:09:42
12104Hilde Krynen14:4353:491:09:48
1370Jim Fisher14:2053:451:09:56
1497Kevin Towers14:2753:141:10:25
15111Ian Richardson14:5653:151:10:32
1699Robert Proud14:0356:001:10:41
1748Alan Ridding15:1153:511:10:54
18100Ciaran Dunne13:5153:501:11:05
19121Elliot Makin13:3255:311:11:31
2020Tony Rutter14:3154:231:11:45
21108Robert Howard14:0455:541:11:47
2275Pete Robinson15:2454:501:12:11
2338John Donnelly15:0355:301:12:19
2416Mike James15:0154:471:13:08
25122Kerry Thompson15:0956:561:13:35
2641Nigel Hooker15:0155:261:13:36
2744Rigby Jerram14:4956:571:13:38
2830Mark Grubb15:1157:271:14:06
2913Nigel Brown16:1555:241:14:31
3072David Birch16:0556:001:14:32
3137Lyndon Dixon15:2756:101:14:34
3257Jeremy Steward14:3556:421:14:36
3335Piers J Hale14:4356:381:15:02
3482Richard Hebbert15:1456:511:15:15
35120Richard Crompton16:0457:261:15:20
36116Boff Whalley13:4358:161:15:23
372Colin Bateman15:3257:381:15:26
3858Jim Slinn15:0958:561:16:17
39101David Caswell15:1957:571:16:33
40115Richard Seatey16:5358:081:16:50
4112Nicholas Woodward16:4058:461:16:57
4291James Dalton15:4758:261:17:02
4329Mark Simmonds15:0959:201:17:04
44118C Preston15:1959:511:17:10
4590Graham Hayes16:3959:581:17:43
4646Michael Ridding15:301:00:251:18:47
4789Andy Dowdall15:381:00:561:18:59
4825Ian Brown16:511:00:301:19:15
4996Peter Hollyfield15:141:01:451:19:23
5067Richard Jones16:181:00:241:19:40
5115Alan Bodell16:071:02:171:19:56
5243Robert Hurst13:421:03:201:19:59
5339Rodger Chadwick16:501:02:181:20:17
54107Tim Rowlands14:431:03:481:20:34
5568Ted Platt15:491:02:311:20:38
56117Lynn Cartwright15:521:03:411:20:41
5752Garry Bearwood16:3358:521:21:11
5884Andrew Middleham16:361:02:181:21:15
5933Marian Hesketh16:521:03:231:21:42
6095Helen Coburn16:271:04:001:22:59
6181Linda Hayles16:471:05:241:24:09
6294Stuart Bowman18:211:01:521:24:37
6369Sue Hamblin16:001:06:591:24:44
6478John O'Toole17:241:07:141:25:45
6528Cael Bergin17:281:05:521:25:51
6632Wendy Grundy18:111:06:561:26:50
6785Karl Thompson17:031:03:321:26:52
6845Jill Holmes17:171:06:251:27:07
6917Jayne Bowe16:271:09:471:27:12
7056J.G. Winnard18:151:07:361:27:23
7166Mark Robinson17:311:08:371:27:23
7224Andrew Williams18:531:05:371:27:25
7362Kathy McEndod18:281:06:201:28:00
7498Dianne Benson17:191:08:061:28:01
758Richard Knight17:101:07:341:30:35
7663Stephen Gardner19:421:09:091:31:16
7731Ruth Hare18:111:12:191:32:14
78106Helen Foster18:381:09:061:32:55
79113Steven Hardy16:451:13:571:35:57
8047John Taylor19:181:15:421:37:06
8177Paul Taylor17:261:17:041:37:14
8227Sylvia Bergin19:021:19:231:40:48
8364R Andrews22:191:18:281:44:49
8476Roy Garrick19:281:29:191:51:42
n/a1Mark Roberts12:41RetiredRetired
n/a10Richard Brown14:43RetiredRetired
n/a40Steve Priestly15:11RetiredRetired
n/a50Kieth Willerton15:09RetiredRetired
n/a87Martin Gill15:14RetiredRetired
n/a103Richard Jones18:27RetiredRetired