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3rd September 2000

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Sprint Category breakdown
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Zipped Excel spreadsheet (all results) (105k)
There has been an adjustment of the start time affecting category MG competitors in the Olympic distance. This wave was due to have started at 2-30pm, was reported to have started at 2-35 but may, in fact, have started at 2-33 as advised by one cat MG competitor. Times have therefore been adjusted to add 2 minutes to all cat G times. This adjusts the swim splits and overall times. Also, some minor adjustments have been made generally to try to resolve all 'impossible' bike splits and some competitors previously shown as DNF etc. However, the fast bike times still shown have been verified from the written time sheets and sometimes correspond with a slow run - don't know what has happened here! Overall times are correctly shown as far as we can tell, subject to cyclists and runners having done the correct number of laps.
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