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Lincs Wolds 10, Rothwell, Lincolnshire

25 September 1999

Results courtesy of Runner's World
1PICKWELL, PeterM45Altrincham AC56:19
2REDMOND, JohnM40City Of Hull56:47
3CLARK, PaulM40Cleethorpes AC57:12
4PARROTT, Richard Blackheath Harriers58:02
5COULAM, GaryM40Cleethorpes AC58:43
6PACKER, Malcolm Louth AC1:00:26
7HUNSLEY, ChrisM40Cleethorpes AC1:00:30
8BARKER, JohnM45Cleethorpes AC1:00:59
9GREEN, StevenM45Cleethorpes AC1:02:27
10WESTERMAN, Mick Road Runners Club1:02:30
11WESTON, TonyM50Cleethorpes AC1:02:35
12DODGE, BarryM45Louth AC1:02:50
13HAINES, JohnM40Cleethorpes AC1:03:02
14O'MARA, Julie Rotherham Harriers1:03:09
15PARRY, Tony Cleethorpes AC1:03:35
16PICKWELL, MikeM50Cleethorpes AC1:03:47
17SHELTON, Andrew Louth AC1:04:14
18CAREY, BarryM50Lincoln Wellington1:05:26
19THOMAS, Russell Charnwood1:05:56
20COLEBROOK, JaneF40Wolds Veteran RC1:06:01
21WOOD, Jamie Unattached1:06:30
22GRISTWOOD, Andrew Cleethorpes AC1:06:36
23BOBCZUK, JohnM45City Of Hull1:06:50
24PURSGLOVE, SteveM45Cleethorpes AC1:07:09
25SALTER, MarkM40Cleethorpes AC1:07:20
26LEWIS, RogerM50Scunthorpe + District AC1:07:51
27KIRKHAM, Chris R.M.RN.T.A.1:08:05
28CROW, Peter Louth AC1:08:31
29HUDSON, JohnM50Cleethorpes AC1:08:38
30ELLIS, ChrisM45Cleethorpes AC1:08:46
31SCHOLEY, Alan Scunthorpe + District AC1:08:52
32HOPKINSON, Simon Worksop Harriers1:09:23
33FENWICK, FayF35Grimsby Harriers1:09:26
34EDWARDS, DavidM50Cleethorpes AC1:09:32
35COLLIER, KenM40Scunthorpe + District AC1:09:44
36BARTLETT, Natalie Cleethorpes AC1:10:15
37WILLIS, TerryM40Wolds Veteran RC1:10:24
38VARTAN, JennieF35Bishop Stortford1:10:46
39DANN, Mark Cleethorpes AC1:11:06
40STEELS, JamesM45Wolds Veteran RC1:11:07
41LEARAD, DennisM50Clowne Road Runners1:11:16
42DODSON, StuartM50Scunthorpe + District AC1:11:22
43JOHNSON, AlanM45Worksop Harriers1:12:05
44LOWTON, JulieF45Redhill Road Runners1:13:01
45CRAGGS, DouglasM50Immingham1:13:25
46WRIGHT, TerryM45Cleethorpes AC1:13:38
47STIMPSON, GeorgeM45Askern + Dist1:13:43
48MEEK, ErnieM50Wolds Veteran RC1:14:20
49DUNLOP, Nicholas Unattached Grimsby1:14:40
50DILLAMORE, EddieM55Unattached Grimsby1:15:58
51TURRELL, Craig Unattached Grimsby1:16:13
52ENRIGHT, SteveM40Cleethorpes AC1:16:38
53CANN-EVANS, Rachel Blaydon Harriers1:17:10
54GLADWELL, MartinM55Road Runners Club1:17:14
55NOBLE, DerrickM40Cleethorpes AC1:17:47
56COLLINS, John Unattached Grimsby1:18:42
57QUIGLEY, Blaine Cleethorpes AC1:18:44
58BUCKLE, DavidM40Unattached1:19:21
59SANDERS, Adrian Louth AC1:19:30
60STEVENS, PeteM55Cleethorpes AC1:19:34
61DALBY, TyroneM50Road Runners Club1:19:46
62BECKETT, BrianM55Unattached Grimsby1:20:19
63STRACEY, BettyF60Lincoln Wellington1:21:47
64WILLIAMS, David Unattached1:22:25
65WILLIAMS, BarrieM60Retford AC1:22:33
66WARDLE, KimM40Wolds Veteran RC1:23:40
67TURNER, RaymondM45Wolds Veteran RC1:25:02
68HARRIES, AlfM65Cleethorpes AC1:25:37
69ZITMAN, NormaF45Wolds Veteran RC1:25:50
70GREENHALGH, Chris Unattached1:26:06
71ROBINSON, PhilipM65Wolds Veteran RC1:29:03
72CLAYTON, Tracey Unattached M.Rasen1:30:37
73GRAINGER, RobertM45Unattached1:30:48
74JUDGE, James Unattached Louth1:31:17
75WOOD, AnnF35Scunthorpe + District AC1:31:24
76POWELL, JasmineF65Wolds Veteran RC1:31:36
77REWSTON, Fiona Clowne Road Runners1:32:35
78HUDSON, GlenysF50Cleethorpes AC1:32:58
79ENRIGHT, PennyF40Cleethorpes AC1:38:20
80RAE, JackieF45Unattached Grimsby1:38:20
81CHARLTON, SandraF45Wolds Veteran RC1:39:00
82SARGEANT, Brian Scunthorpe + District AC1:41:04
83EDGAR, SusanF35Wolds Veteran RC1:43:53
84CREMEN, SandraF40Wolds Veteran RC1:43:53
85ELLIS, JacquelineF35Unattached Grimsby1:45:22
86EDWARDS, HilaryF50Cleethorpes AC1:45:22
87CHADWICK, JackieF45Retford AC1:52:53
88TALLENTS, GodfreyM55Retford AC1:52:53
89WHARRAD, Jayne West Bromwich Harriers2:23:17
90WHARRAD, Andrew West Bromwich Harriers2:23:17
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