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Colchester Harriers Flaming Fast 5, Gt. Bromley, Essex

14 February 1999

Results courtesy of Runner's World
131Paul McHughM40Colchester Harriers A C26:29
249Keith BuntingMHarwich Runners26:55
321Tony SeakinsM45Colchester Harriers A C27:20
455Keith EvansMThurrock Harriers27:44
556Andy BryantMUnattached28:06
614Jason HouseMBenfleet R C28:30
728Steve GarnhamM40Colchester Harriers A C28:52
842Andy HorlockMThurrock Harriers29:06
95Steve SmithMChelmsford A C29:10
1017Gary JonesMBenfleet R C29:25
1120Michael BecketMTiptree R R29:28
1270Nick HazellM40Colchester Harriers A C29:34
1351James RussellM40Thurrock Harriers29:49
1423Sandra BowerF35Thetford A C29:53
1524P BowerM40Thetford A C30:03
1629Julie HeathFThurrock Harriers30:16
1769Clive RootsMTiptree R R30:31
1857Jamie LuckMHarlow R C30:38
1938Mick GilbertM45Ipswich Jaffa30:46
2027Graeme KnottMHarwich Runners31:00
2134Melvyn SmithM50Colchester Harriers A C31:03
2278Dave GameM45Witham R C31:13
2311Julia CritchleyFIlford A C31:20
2472David MillsM45Gt Bentley R C31:21
259Don CoxM50Chelmsford A C31:25
2666Simon CresswellMUnattached31:31
2725Colin WakefieldMColchester Harriers A C31:33
2865Paul McClellandMHarwich Runners32:04
2919Lorna GarrodFBenfleet R C32:22
3054D RichesM40Unattached32:36
312Rob HadcraftM55Tiptree R R32:39
3273John FryerMColchester Harriers A C32:46
3312Gareth MeridithMHadleigh Hares33:06
3435Claudine TisburyF35Harwich Runners33:26
3562Roy WrightM50Tiptree R R33:36
3622Stephen WoodM40Ipswich Jaffa33:49
3743Andrew ChildsM40Tiptree R R34:26
3850Bernard ImberM50Dulwich Runners35:00
3959Nick LuckMHarlow R C35:11
4080Liz KempsterF35Victoria Park35:12
4171Moira AinsleyF40Colchester Harriers A C35:15
4260Nigel StoneM40Unattached35:22
4367Jim ClarkeM50Colchester Harriers A C36:13
4426Roland KnottMHarwich Runners36:19
4563Alan YettsMTiptree R R36:44
4645John GibsonM50Harwich Runners36:56
478Shirley MorrisF35Harwich Runners36:58
4864F M LaiFChelmsford A C37:16
4952Kevin BullockMHarwich Runners37:27
5015Jackie KingF35Benfleet R C37:37
5146Steve CookM40Dulwich Runners38:33
5241Jane FisherFIpswich Jaffa38:40
5361Michael GillespieM40Unattached39:20
5483Ken DayM50Unattached39:53
5548Hugh BullardM45Unattached40:30
5676Les MathisonM50Colchester Harriers A C40:34
5775Ian LintonM45Unattached40:44
587Nick SmithM50Tiptree R R40:52
5968Cynthia AllcockF50Gt Bentley R C41:14
6058Ron LuckM50Harlow R C41:20
6137Ann JarvisF45Stour Valley Joggers41:36
6240Valerie SinclairF45Pitsea R C41:52
634Roger DuffieldM55Tiptree R R42:27
643Mark DuffieldMTiptree R R42:28
6510Sue GardinerFIpswich Jaffa42:37
6677Kate HodgkissFUnattached42:41
6730C TaggartM60Road Runners Club42:45
6836Ron BarehamM60Ipswich Jaffa42:51
6974Tanya SampsonFColchester Harriers A C43:12
7033Ken EatonM65Benfleet R C43:13
7153Sally BartrumF45Colchester Harriers A C45:36
7216Jenny KeaneyF45Benfleet R C45:41
7332Bob BeszantM50Benfleet R C45:53
7418Lyn HopkinsF60Benfleet R C46:26
7581Pam NorringtonF50Colchester Harriers A C47:04
7644Bernadette Wheeler-JonesF40Colchester Harriers A C47:15
7782Jo BrowningF35Colchester Harriers A C47:50
7839Julian FrakeM45Pitsea R C48:35
7979Sally CritchfieldF35Unattached48:55
8047Michele ShawF35Orion Harriers49:58
8113George BarronMBishops Stortford R C52:16
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